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About us

Seemingly raised for the role, Michelle Kong started working at the age of 16 to help make ends meet for her large family. In the 80s, she landed a job at a 5-star restaurant in Hong Kong where she watched, tasted, and experienced some of the world’s finest cuisine. Through those tireless hours, she learned to never cut corners and always serve quality ingredients.

Michelle eventually brought her knowledge to Acworth in 2001, when she opened the first Hong Kong Star with the mission to bring those world-class flavors and dining experiences to everyone. And while the restaurant had a slow start, the community backed and supported her through the years. Michelle got to know not just the customers' favorite flavors, but also their goals and ambitions. Eventually, customers became family, and dinner became more like a reunion than a night out to a restaurant. In 2010, she relocated the restaurant to its current location in Marietta/East Cobb, where she continues to provide a world-class dining experience to her community.